NYC's Most Incredible Balloon artist!

-New York Live, NBC


Balloon Decorating, Installation, Stilt Dresses: Fabulous! Your Artistry is beautiful and inspiring. Everyone was simply blown away by your work. Thank you for creating such joy at our event. Thank you for assembling such a fine group of assistants! They were charming and incredibly dedicated to our project. I certainly enjoyed these past months, planning this gala with you. It was everything you said, and what I hoped it would be!

-Juliette, Events for Hudson River Museum


Balloon Installation: SO INCREDIBLE. Best thing to wake up to, EVER.

-Mark, Event Planner for Skyy Vodka


Balloon Installation: Thanks so much for all of your work on this (installation), it looked better than the renderings! It really was the highlight of the space for so many people. I'm glad we got to work together.

- Elliot, Artistic Leader for Viacom Special Events


Stilt Dress:  Katie is AMAZING!  Great personality and so talented! I definitely have NO regrets about hiring you all! It just made the party over the top! We recently picked up the video from the party & watched it all weekend ! You WERE AMAZING ! I cannot thank you enough. You were worth every penny and I would do it all again in a  heartbeat!

 -Tina, Mother of a Sweet Sixteen Girl


Headdress:  You were a great hit!! By all accounts, you were a real star component for the Art Walk. Thanks so much for the extra time, folks young & old asked for you until the event was over. 

-Lonna, Event Coordinator


Decor & On the Spot Twisting: You rock! I can’t thank you enough for your creativity and great energy.  Every person that I’ve talked to was so impressed. You were super with the balloons you made on the spot. I know that you, and you, alone, made the difference in the mood of the event. The Dean declared the event “phenomenal.” You created a great evening for 200+ people. You are amazing, to say the least. 

-Jim, Event Coordinator 


On the Spot Twisting & Big Balloon Show: I want to give you a huge thank you! You did a super job! You were entertaining and fun to be around. You also made each person feel important and special! What a mitzvah! Thank you for the overtime as well, it was so so kind of you! You are a very special person!!!

- Tova, Mitzvah Mom


Decor: Thank you for providing such incredible centerpieces and end pieces for the auction tables at Cultural Tourism Embassy Chef Challenge. Your artistry is refreshing, beautiful, and it provided an eye-catching display that shown throughout the room at just the right height! It was a pleasure to meet you and I appreciate that you provided a storyboard proposal beforehand which made visualizing the pieces ahead of time so much easier.

-Helen, Event Planner 


Decor, On the Spot Twisting, Big Balloon Show & Custom Installations: Thanks for all you did to make Noah’s bar mitzvah party a huge success! The ballroom really came alive with your creative sculptures, arches, and table centerpieces! Our guests were wowed with your creations and loved your interactive entertainment as well. The amazing show was incredible and so much fun. Your talent and creativity and sparkling personality really shine in all you do. We were very lucky to have you on our party team. 

-Marcie, Mitzvah Mom


Custom Installation: The balloon car you made my husband exceeded my expectations. It is absolutely adorable and quite a feat of engineering! 

-Maya Weil, Balloon Sculpture customer


Positive Energy Conduction: My daughter met you last weekend. She just lost her big sister in a car accident last year. Seeing you was the first time I have seen her smile in months. You are a blessing.

-Anonymous Mother


Birthday Party: Katie Balloons made quite an apparent impact on Elise. This afternoon, Elise changed into her striped long johns and stuck every crayon she had in the inside of pants around her waist…She then took out several crayons aka “balloons” and blew them up and presented me with a balloon hat! 

-Jenni Ashley, Mother of  Birthday Tot


Big Balloon Show: I simply loved your performance, at once adorable and sexy at the same time. 

-Tony Gangi, Sideshow Photo Journalist


Cocktail Dresses: I saw a picture of Katie online in a dress she had made; it was tight, and so funky…I’d never seen anything like it before. I thought, if this woman is making stuff like that this young, she has unlimited potential.

-Addi Somekh, LA based Balloon Artist, Co-Star on The Unpoppables