“I think the thing that sets me apart from a lot of balloonists is that I am young, and so my approach is young,” she added. “But what happens when I am old?” For now, though, she’s happy to bask in the bubble-filled glory. “Some call me a diva, some call me a perfectionist,” she said, “but really, I’m just a lot of fun.” 

"It's like learning to play a musical instrument. You learn the feel of it, the rhythm of it, the energy, You become one with the balloon."

There’s no word yet as to when TLC will determine whether The Unpoppables will be renewed or not. “It varies from series to series,” says a TLC representative. “We all have our fingers crossed.”

"Balloon clothes are ultra chic. They are the finest couture available. My dresses contain 300 or more balloons, depending on the design.They may not always be easy to get into, but there are so many creative ways to take them off - pop, pop, pop!"